Public Affairs and Liaison Consultant (Roster)



PROPULSION is a full-service organization specializing in innovative social impact communications. We are the leading supplier of social impact campaigns and projects in the Adria region and wider.

Propulsion occupies a unique market niche between the core business of our partners, their social impact, PR, communications and marketing. For nearly 70 businesses, governments, civil society groups and developmental organizations a year our team produces dozens of well-rounded and creative, digital, design, print, PR, public affairs, community and video campaigns that reach up to hundreds of thousands of people.

We strongly believe that communication has the power to better the societies of the region on a daily basis. That’s why we design impact.

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Propulsion is currently recruiting a Public Affairs and Liaison Consultant (Roster)* with significant experience and expertise in liaising with the various levels of government, businesses, and civil society organizations in Serbia. She/he will work closely with Propulsion’s Managing Partners, Program Director and Program Managers and liaise with Government officials, authorities and agencies, including senior officers from the Offices of the Prime Minister and the President of the Republic of Serbia, as well as Ministries relevant for the Propulsion’s programs’ and projects’ goals and objectives.

The role of the Public Affairs and Liaison Consultant (Roster) is to provide strategic advice and to collect, consider and communicate key relevant information to our team, enabling necessary adjustments to program strategies, activities, and approaches.

The Public Affairs and Liaison Consultant (Roster) main duties include:

  • Develop, maintain, and intensify contacts with the Offices of the Prime Minister and the President, relevant governmental institutions, authorities and agencies, opinion-makers and resource persons to facilitate access to information and ensure smooth communication and information sharing between Propulsion and aforementioned stakeholders;
  • Contribute to building a knowledge base for legal/regulatory and policy context relevant to Propulsion’s programs and projects;
  • Establish coordination mechanism and keep regular links with relevant focal points in local and national governmental institutions to maintain constructive working relations;
  • Liaise day-to-day with government counterparts of Propulsion’s programs and projects at the national level;
  • Support teams in effective implementation of the various activities;
  • As required, contribute to the provision of technical support to authorities regarding the development of policies and procedures for Propulsion’s operations and within the scope and mandate of relevant programs and projects.


Minimum Qualifications, Knowledge, and Experience:

  • Good knowledge and understanding of government setting/functions and specifically the Office of the President, the Office of the Prime Minister and the Government of Serbia;
  • Proven experience in liaising between a variety of stakeholders and the governmental institutions/agencies in the period from 2015-2020;
  • Academic degree in political science, public policy, philosophy, and/or social sciences and/or similar is preferred;
  • Minimum of seven years of experience in a similar role or working with the government;
  • Excellent written and spoken English is required;
  • Proven networking skills required;
  • Excellent track record in the fields of communication and negotiations with a diplomatic approach required.



Qualified and interested candidates are asked to submit their CV and motivation letter together with a financial proposal (in PDF format) through the following form:

The application is open on a rolling basis.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Note that at this stage of recruitment we are able to provide only limited additional information. No phone calls, please.



This is a lump sum assignment. The Consultant is responsible for all personal administrative and travel expenses, including office space, printing, stationery, telephone and electronic communications, and all other costs incurred in this assignment. In specific cases, consultants could be based in the Propulsion offices in Belgrade, Serbia, or Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.  The financial proposal shall specify a total lump sum amount and payment terms around specific and measurable (qualitative and quantitative) deliverables (i.e. installments dependent upon completion of the deliverables or entire contract). Payments are based upon specific output(s), i.e. agreed between Propulsion and Consultant based on services defined in ToR. Financial proposal (lump sum) includes a daily fee, travel costs**, and per diems.


* This roster is a call for applications for future function-specific opportunity, determined by emerging needs.

** All envisaged travel costs must be included in the financial proposal. This includes all travel to program and project locations. In general, Propulsion is not accepting travel costs exceeding economy class tickets for bus, or costs exceeding the number of kilometers for the specific travel/location.