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Otkucaji is an all-encompassing program, supported by the Open Society Fund, with the purpose of strengthening the capacity of civil society organizations and the community in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in order to establish a more transparent, accountable and just healthcare system in the country.

This initiative, developed, fully designed, and implemented by Propulsion Fund, in partnership and continuous communication with Center for Investigative Reporting and ICVA, is a comprehensively staged project that supports citizen initiatives for advancement of the national health care system. The project consisted of an open competition for the best web and mobile app solutions, along with a call to action and encouragement for the general public to voice their opinions and concerns regarding their local healthcare system, through our online platform Otkucaji.net. An impressive number of citizens engaged in the discussion by leaving their testimonies and discussing experiences they had with healthcare system. Propulsion Fund succeeded to build trust within online community, and Otkucaji.net became a valuable platform through which citizens could freely express their opinions and be a part of public dialogue that will lead to social change.

Otkucaji has developed into a successful, growing and trustworthy initiative that will continue to implement new cycles of competition, but also resume to collect citizens’ testimonies and comments, and maybe in the future use some of that data for lobbying and making real changes in healthcare system.

  • Healthcare System MonitoringConcept, Campaign, Audio-visual Production
  • 2014 - ongoingYear
  • BiHTerritory