Budi odgovoran

Budi odgovoran

Communication Services

Be Responsible campaign is an award-winning, mobile application initiative, implemented by Faculty of Electrical Engineering Podgorica, UNDP Montenegro, and the British Embassy in Podgorica. The
initiative is envisioned as a call to action for citizens to fight grey economy by reporting irregularities
or unlawful business actions, but also to point out good business practices.

The ongoing project Citizen Participation in the Fight Against Grey Economy has fused civil society and public sector resources. In less than six months, citizens had pointed to more than 1,000 irregularities in local economic activity, after which inspections charged more than 330,000 EUR in fines. Since the project aims to redistribute resources from grey economy to socially beneficial causes, 50% of the money acquired from fines was intended to be invested in socially aware activities.

Propulsion Fund’s involvement in the project entailed animation, graphic design and video production for animations which accompanied the launch of the application. Video production was conceived through a series of graphics with narrative to accompany the initiative, active to this day.

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