Media, Information and Digital Literacy (MDIL) Expert – Roster



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Propulsion occupies a unique market niche between the core business of our partners, their social impact, PR, communications, and marketing. For nearly 70 businesses, governments, civil society groups, and developmental organizations a year our team produces dozens of well-rounded and creative, digital, design, print, PR, public affairs, community, and video campaigns that reach up to hundreds of thousands of people.

We strongly believe that communication has the power to better the societies of the region on a daily basis. That’s why we design impact.

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Media, Information and Digital Literacy (MDIL) Expert – Roster


Propulsion is currently recruiting a Media, Information and Digital Literacy Expert (MDIL) with significant experience and expertise in media and digital literacy topics.

The role of the MDIL Expert (Roster) is to provide strategic advice, consider and communicate key relevant information on topics of media and digital literacy to the Propulsion team, enabling necessary adjustments to programs strategies, activities, and approaches.

Duration of the assignment: April – December 2021 (up to 50 working days)

The MDIL Expert (Roster) main duties include:

  • – Contribute to building a context-relevant knowledge base for Propulsion’s programs and projects;
  • – Design the curriculum and materials for the lectures, workshops and/or seminars, including on the topics of use of media and digital literacy for different target audiences;
  • – Create different content materials for program activities including media offline and online campaign;
  • – Deliver the lectures, workshops, or seminars;
  • – Support teams in effective implementation of the various activities.

Minimum Qualifications, Knowledge, and Experience:

  • – Academic degree in political science, public policy, philosophy, and/or social sciences and/or similar is preferred;
  • – Minimum of three years of experience in a similar role or working with the government;
  • – Excellent written and spoken English is required;
  • – Proven networking skills required;
  • – Excellent track record in the fields of media and digital literacy field.

Qualified and interested candidates are asked to submit their CV and motivation letter together with a financial proposal (in PDF format) through the form no later than April 21, 2021. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Note that at this stage of recruitment we are able to provide only limited additional information.

Duration of the assignment: February 2021 – June 2021 (up to 30 working days)


This is a lump sum assignment. The Consultant is responsible for all personal administrative and travel expenses, including office space, printing, stationery, telephone and electronic communications, and all other costs incurred in this assignment. In specific cases, consultants could be based in the Propulsion offices in Belgrade, Serbia, or Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The financial proposal shall specify a total lump sum amount (brutto) and payment terms around specific and measurable (qualitative and quantitative) deliverables (i.e. installments dependent upon completion of the deliverables or entire contract).
Payments are based upon specific output(s), i.e. agreed between Propulsion and Consultant based on services defined in ToR. The financial proposal (lump sum) includes a daily fee, travel costs, and per diems.

Please present the financial proposal per unit price of your engagement per hour and/or per day in dollar currency.

The selected experts would be put on the Propulsion’s consultancy roster and may be engaged for specific projects and activities.

  • – Send your CV, portfolio, and a financial estimate (in PDF format) through the form:

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