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Dear hopefully future partners,

We are Propulsion, a full-service organization specializing in social impact communications.

We are the leading supplier of social impact campaigns and projects in the Adria region and wider. Our network yearly exceeds the number of 70 different civil society groups, developmental organizations, governments, and businesses. They are our partners in a mission of creating change – making a viable and recognizable imprint not only in societal changes, but in the way they are created.

As a social impact catalyst, we strongly believe that all economic strata are interconnected, having an irreplaceable role in the functioning of a business system as a whole. We gave our best not to face the “domino effect” in which the failure of one part of the system causes a negative effect on the other. By reorganizing the way we work, we used a period of total isolation caused by COVID-19 pandemic for making the core of our team more cohesive, worked on our skills to endure and finished projects that seemed imaginable in lockdown.

This is where we need mutual rethinking that includes you. We need you as a partner in our quest for restructuring the whole new world of business and shifts that we cannot even anticipate. But what we can do is to collaborate on a new, riskier than ever, but most inviting times for social change. Now, the change happened by itself, leaving its destructive effects on our known ways of functioning.

What will emerge from this is unknown, but as a team of know-hows, we believe that the next step we all need to take is qualitative: a refinement of ways we are helping each other. Investing in one who invests in society is an interconnected network that, from our point of view, is the only possible way.

Our own Propulsion Fund carries out corporate social impact programs with major companies, worth more than 1m Euros. Our team is still sustainable enough to continue working, but we need more viability. In order to continue helping others to grow, during the COVID-19 outbreak, our investments were qualitative: we have worked on making our team, the internal system more healthier. We have adapted to the situation and created an efficient system of working while in lockdown.

We made a nuclear change and now we are more ready than ever to evolve. In the making of a new step for a reconfiguring business, we need your support.

What we are asking for? Social responsibility is founded on the belief that one part of a system should help another one to help third ones grow. The problem that socially aware businesses are facing is that problems in society are expanding, so we need a new business model to cope with it. It impacts us as a team that creates social impact, so we are in the danger zone of being left to our own resources. Simply put, we cannot do this alone, neither from known ways, neither with
known resources.

If you believe that the adaptability of resources can change this “impossible-to-anticipate”, but “possible-to-recreate” future, please consider being our partners.

Let’s propel and evolve together. Let’s make a change on the ground that is already been changed.

Dear friends, if you are ready to help us with a donation, please contact us so that we can carry out the process in a legally correct manner:

Foundation Propulsion Fund Serbia
Fondacija Propulsion Fond
Vildana Drljević
Rankeova 16/4, II sprat, 11000 Beograd, Vračar
PIB/Tax number:
Matični broj/Registration number:
Naziv banke/Bank name:
RSD račun broj/RSD acc number:
170-0030020580000- 73
RS35170003002058000849 donacije
RS35170003002058000752 donacije
+381 11 4059619
Foundation Propulsion Fund Bosnia and Herzegovina
Fondacija za nove komunikacije „Propulsion Fond“
Goran Zarić
Koturova 6/5, II floor, 71000 Sarajevo
Registracioni broj/Registration number:
PIB/Tax number:
BAM Acc Number:
+387 33 447 227