Vision for Serbia – Towards a Culture of Human Rights

Supported by the Council of Europe Office in Belgrade, Propulsion Fund was in charge of organizing an inspirational and informational event, marking the 10th anniversary of the COE’s presence in Serbia and aimed at the importance of protection of human rights, values of democracy, tolerance, and the rule of law. The event was complemented by a ten-minute video presenting an answer to the question, “What is Serbia we want to live in?”. Combining short and effective sound bites with images of beautiful Serbian landscape, the video shows various people from numerous stakeholder groups – human rights activists, artists, and ordinary citizens – all providing candid, heartfelt opinions on what needs to be done in order for Serbia to become a better place to live in.

In an informative ten-minute video, people were asked to provide honest, personal opinions on how they envision
a better Serbia. Individuals from various stakeholder groups provided brief, but powerful messages on what needs to change in order for the country to prosper.

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