Šampioni svaki dan

Lepo smo se družili na „Zovu šampiona“ u Kragujevcu.Pozivamo udruženja, organizacije i saveze da prijave ideje koje su u vezi sa povećanjem pristupačnosti osoba sa invaliditetom. Prijavite se ovde http://sampionisvakidan.rs/prijavni-formular

Posted by Šampioni svaki dan on Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Šampioni svaki dan

Flagship Programs

Šampioni svaki dan (Champions Every Day) aims to motivate individuals with disabilities to take part in sport. Apatinska pivara (Apatin Brewery, part of Molson Coors) and its brand Jelen Pivo  created this four-year long program, which supported three solutions in 2017, with a total of 12.000 EUR.

It is also a web platform, the source of knowledge and information about sports activities related to the National Paralympic Committee for Serbia.  The competition Champions Every Day is a whole-year program that collects ideas in the field of sports accessibility, provides mentoring and support, and selects the best ideas to be funded.


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