Bringing European Integrations Closer to the People

The European PROGRES program, supported by the EU and the Government of Switzerland and implemented by UNOPS, aims to support development in 34 underdeveloped municipalities in South East and South West Serbia. These municipalities face problems such as unemployment, particularly for minorities, lack of opportunities for youth, understaffed and under-budgeted civil society, insufficient media capacities, and lack of knowledge and skills that municipalities need to progress. Propulsion and Olaf&McAteer have launched a campaign to address the lack of awareness and apathy towards EU integration as key obstacles to positive social change by empowering media, providing information to youth about the benefits of EU accession, and promoting the benefits of European integration to ordinary citizens. The campaign aims to inspire behavioral change and raise awareness about the EU integration process.

  • European Integration and Enlargement of the EUConcept, Campaign, Audio-visual Production, Event Management
  • 2016 - 2017Year
  • SerbiaTerritory