60 Years of Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities

Honoring the 60th anniversary of The Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities, the National Association of Towns and Municipalities in Serbia, Propulsion Fund produced a ten-minute documentary film that was the central part of the anniversary ceremony. The film showed the history of the SCTM, with a lead story about the future in the upcoming EU accession process. Fund found original documents and newspapers in the archives of the National Library, dating all the way back to the time SCTM was founded. Those documents and newspapers, filmed with an HD camera, were part of an exceptional storytelling style. Propulsion Fund’s team traveled throughout Serbia to interview town mayors about the importance of SCTM today and in the future. The film became an integral part of SCTM promotion.

Knowing the fact that SCTM was founded in 1953, Fund tried to find the way for showing the importance of SCTM at the time of founding. The SCTM archives didn’t provide any material, so the only way to obtain information was to browse through the massive archives of the National Library of Serbia. The search was successful. Original material became a part of the film.

  • 2013Year
  • SerbiaTerritory