UNICEF Montenegro – Video Production

In 2014, Propulsion Fund was awarded a four-year contract for video production and accompanying filming, editing and broadcasting services by UNICEF Montenegro. Our engagement with UNICEF entails continuous support in various production forms. Some of our crucial activities were defined through filming and editing all major UNICEF events which sometimes happen as often as twice a week; research and storyboard creation duties, video production for YouTube channel and similar Internet platforms and social networks, as well as transcripts, translations and dubbing of voiceover and subtitles. This collaboration is very vivid and productive, the output of which includes approximately 40 minutes of fully produced video material a week, which Dokukino distributes further to its broadcasting network, thus producing a constant presence and support of UNICEF and its initiatives in Montenegrin media.

  • 2014 - 2017Year
  • MontenegroTerritory