Sretno djetinjstvo

Budite Čuvari sretnog djetinjstva! #SretnoDjetinjstvo #DajemObećanje #ČuvariDjetinjstva #ČuvariceDjetinjstva #EUBiH

Posted by UNICEF Bosna i Hercegovina on Saturday, September 1, 2018

Sretno djetinjstvo

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Propulsion’s task is to design and implement nationwide campaign, social mobilization events and awareness raising activities in partnership with UNICEF BiH, aimed at increasing public support for the protection of children from violence and social inclusion of children with disabilities, based on the strategy for behavioral and social change, which was designed and implemented based on the evidence collected throughout past five years. Also to increase public support for protection and social inclusion of vulnerable children and to make enough impact which will bring increased understanding of parents and care-givers of corporal punishment as a violence – not a discipline measure, and increased awareness of the general population about long-term impact and consequences of violence against children.

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