Promotion of Human Rights and Protection of Minorities

One of the project’s main objectives is identifying and sharing good practices among local governments, therefore 7 specific examples of good practice were identified and those local governments will receive additional funding. As promotion of good practices is of crucial value for this project and the Council of Europe, all 7 chosen local governments will organize open day events so they can share their experiences and knowledge, in order to enhance the protection of minority rights across the region.

Propulsion Fund was in charge of producing 16 minute TV report on 7 success stories from Albania, BiH, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, FRYM and Kosovo. The video highlighted the efforts and good practices of 7 local governments whose projects affected people’s lives. Each beneficiary had its own short, 4 minute video (trailer) that further presented the local governments’ project. This report served to inform people on the project and promote good practices that could be replicable by other local governments that want to improve minority rights protection.

All of the products stemming from the activities in this project were promoted on social networks (Facebook, Instagram).

  • 2016Year
  • Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia and KosovoTerritory