We are the leading supplier of social impact communications in the Adria region. And wider.

How We Work

market niche

Propulsion occupies a unique market niche between the core business of its clients, their social impact, PR, communications and marketing.


For nearly 70 clients a year, our team produces dozens of well-rounded and creative, digital, design, print, PR, lobby, community and video campaigns that reach up to hundreds of thousands of people.

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Public Affairs


Public relations from planning to clipping.
Multilevel advocacy for powerful impact.

  • Communication strategies
  • Communication plans
  • Press conferences
  • Press care
  • Press releases & statements
  • Photo & video distribution
  • Press clipping analyses
  • Campaign reporting
  • PR support
Piercing Imagery


Total design solutions both online and offline. A full frame video production, from brilliance of state of the art cameras to high quality post production and 2D and 3D graphics and animation.

  • Documentary film production
  • Video reports
  • Social media video content production
  • TV studio production
  • Filming in HD and 4K resolution
  • Directing and editing services
  • Graphics solutions
  • 2D and 3D animations
  • Sound production
  • Translation and subtitling 
Community Impact


Close approach to precisely selected communities and audiences includes social media and customized events.

Event management
  • High profile events
  • Hackatons
  • Inspirational workshops
  • Speed mentoring
  • Networking
Social Media
  • Strategies
  • Executive plans
  • Content creating
  • Copywriting